Why should a LEGO fanatic attend a LEGO fan event?

Hey everyone, my name is Chris but you can call me Clutch. Clutch Power is the ability for LEGO bricks to stick together and hold but also separate when you want them apart. It really doesn’t have much to do with me as a person, but I’m a sucker for alliteration. I came out of my Dark Ages in 2007 and started buying and selling LEGO on BrickLink.com in 2009. You can follow me at BricksOnTheDollar.com. I’ll be handling the Brick Fest Live blog right here on Fridays. You can keep up with our daily activities here as well as on your favorite social media platforms. This post is a bit of an introduction to myself as well as the LEGO convention world. Feel free to leave comments on the blog and expect to receive responses from myself.

Did you know that there are awesome LEGO events all over the country and even the world? I bet you did since you have probably attended a one of our Brick Fest Live events. Imagine back before you knew about these events and how excited you were to attend your first LEGO fan festival. How did you feel when you arrived? Were you surprised at how many other people who share the same interests as you were also there? We have all experienced a LEGO event for the first time and felt that overwhelming realization that we are not as alone as we seem in our rooms with a small collection of LEGO bricks.

My first convention was in 2010 and I left feeling so incredibly inspired. That first event is part of the reason I am here helping to run Brick Fest Live events now. If you were to travel enough, you could attend at least one event every single weekend somewhere in the world. With Brick Fest Live, we hope to bring that frequency and fun closer to you.

At our events, we aim to promote education and inspiration through having as much hands-on fun as possible. If you attended our first show in April, then you know how cool the Brick Fest Derby is. We are improving upon the Derby as well as building a bunch of other attractions. You can follow along with us on Instagram at http://instagram.com/brickfestlive

As huge LEGO fans ourselves, we are making it our goal to deliver Brick Fest Live events as “Rock concerts for kids.” Young and old builders alike will find new, exciting ways to use the LEGO products they already own as well as inspired ways to implement brand new elements. Every Brick Fest Live event will have a selection of hand-picked vendors selling anything and everything LEGO from custom-printed Minifigures to innovative LEGO storage solutions to bulk bricks by weight. You can find any bricks you need at Brick Fest Live.

Our events are session-based so that everyone who attends gets a chance to see the creations up close and participate in as many activities as possible.

There are numerous communities online for sharing your own LEGO creations and builders from all over the world meet each other at fan events. Ideas are shared, friendships are formed, and memories are created at these events. Come join the fun and get inspired at a Brick Fest Live event near you.

Chris “Clutch”