Just what is so attractive about our Attractions?

At a Brick Fest Live event, you and your family will take part in lots of hands-on activities. But LEGO itself is a hands-on activity. What will you get when you attend a Brick Fest Live event that differs from your activity at home? We have accumulated a collection of LEGO pieces ready to build with which span many decades of production. Every year, The LEGO Group produces dozens of new elements which have never been made before. Consequently, they also retire many elements and replace some of them with newer versions. Many parts as well as colors are never produced again. Our collection of parts gives you free range of LEGO’s extensive part catalog for an unhindered building experience.

We have seen other LEGO-related events which use a limited selection of LEGO elements in their free-build area. There have even been events with a massive quantity of only one type of piece. While this presents interesting and different challenges for the builder in your life, we find that building with as large a parts selection as we have will present a new and exciting experience for you.

In addition to what you might see as traditional building, we are promoting methods of building which are as untraditional as possible. At this moment, we are attaching LEGO baseplates to portable wall sections so that you can build in an entirely new dimension. Building off the walls, building amidst a LEGO City, and building your very own creations that you can take home.

I hope you are ready to build, because you will be doing lots of it at Brick Fest Live!

Chris “Clutch”