Just what goes in to a LEGO City?

Hey all, Clutch here.

Ever since I joined YouTube, I have been amazed by the popularity of particular video types from the various LEGO YouTubers. One such video type that I have never taken part in myself is the “LEGO City Update” or any such combination of words like that. Essentially, a LEGO City Update is an ongoing video series which showcases a large LEGO display and focuses from video to video on changes that have been made since the last video was published. The theme of these displays is usually the LEGO City/Town theme because TLG is constantly making great vehicle and building sets, but we thought it could be done a little differently.

One of our new attractions which will debut at our show in July is what we have been calling the “Inspiration Stations.” We had an overwhelming response to the collaborative displays from the PA LUGs at Philly Brick Fest and since we will be traveling, we needed to make sure that we had equally as inspiring displays of our own to bring along. Don’t get me wrong, local LUGs will always be invited and encouraged to attend Brick Fest Live events and bring their best layout. But we wanted to have some fun too.

Enter Carter, or as we’ve been calling him for some reason, #CarterBaldwin. And yes, you pronounce the hashtag! Carter is a prolific builder mainly in the post-apocalypse theme. Check out his work here:


Carter has been given the bricks and the space to create several LEGO Cities for us, most of which will appear at our Brick Fest Live events.

The first city is being called Brickopolis, unless we rename it. It is your typical LEGO City, except it will consist of mostly original creations rather than stock sets from LEGO. When you and your family attend a Brick Fest Live event, you will be able to see Brickopolis and as well as add your own creations to it! The City center will be surrounded by roads and empty plots which you can fill with your own creations built right there. We provide the bricks, you update the city!

Due to popular demand, our second LEGO City will be LEGO Friends themed. We’ll admit, we didn’t have nearly enough attractions for fans of LEGO Friends at Philly Brick Fest. We’re fixing that in a big way. Friendship falls, as we are calling it, will be an all Friends-themed LEGO City with many original creations and some upscaled versions of existing Friends buildings from sets. Just like Brickopolis, you’ll get to build your own additions to the city and add them on.

Our last, but not final LEGO City will be of Carter’s own design. If you are familiar with BroLUG’s Cyberpocalypse:

First Draft

Then you may be able to see where we are going with this. The Cyberpocalypse layout is no longer together, but we’ve encouraged Carter to build his dreams in a new kind of LEGO City. We really wanted to change the format and create the first “stacked city” to have its own City Update videos. Look forward to a daily updates of this city through social media as well as City Update videos on YouTube.

Chris “Clutch”