If it were made out of LEGO…

I just bought a new car last week. My old one just had to go and I didn’t want to find myself stranded. With a new car comes a stronger desire to adventure. While blazing a new trail to a very familiar destination, I found myself in farm country which I wouldn’t have known existed there otherwise. It wasn’t a barn, but let’s just call it a barn. The sides were red as you can imagine, but the roof was blatantly Sand Green:


I wish I had a picture of this building, but it was the first time I had ever seen such a parts-intensive use of the LEGO color Sand Green in the wild.

If you’re like me, then sometimes you imagine different objects in your life as if they were made out of LEGO bricks. Maybe it is a particular curve or angle that you see on part of a structure that matches LEGO bricks you have at home, or maybe, like in this occasion, you see an exact color match in real life leaving you little choice but to start building it in your head.

This imagining is what is known as a “seed element.” Beginning a LEGO project with a particular part or color and seeing just what can happen when you give yourself minor restrictions but a lot of liberties. Seed element or seed part challenges are friendly competitions to see how creative LEGO builders can be given a level playing field and an equal restriction.

One of the most popular seed part challenges is the Iron Builder Challenge:


In this recurring challenge, builders or teams of builders are challenged to use a seed element in as many MOCs as possible in a certain amount of time. They are each given a large supply of the pieces so that they can build without any restrictions, or at least any regarding those pieces. In the end, everyone who witnesses the competition wins because it ends up being a fantastic source of inspiration.

So next time you are out and about, start looking at the world with “LEGO vision.” Yes, I just made that part up. Think about recreating the world around you with LEGO bricks and think about what parts those builds would require.

Chris “Clutch”