Finishing touches

We’ve been hard at work getting everything ready for this weekend. Our weekend starts tomorrow (Wednesday) when we travel to the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus New Jersey. Thursday is our set up day in which we will work from 8am until midnight at the latest getting all of our attractions ready for the big days. PennLUG, GardenSLUG, & Teach Fleet will also be spending the day setting up their MOCs. Finally, 46 vendor booths will be loaded in and set up ready to start buying and selling all things LEGO.

We each have hourly scheduled to help us stay on track to finish setting up with enough time left in the day to eat, perhaps sleep even. And during the sessions themselves, we have broken the show floor into different sectors which we each have authority over. I don’t want to bore you with those details, so let’s talk about all of the different things you can do at Brick Fest Live in the Meadowlands. Consider this your sneak peak!

When you walk in, the first thing you will see will be the NJ GardenSLUG display which is technically the “home LUG” for this event. Along two of the walls are the rows of vendors. If it’s LEGO and you want it, you can find it there. In the center of the hall are our attractions. There are only a couple that you will recognize from Philly Brick Fest in April. The rest are brand new and have been constructed in the past 2 months.

First up is the Mosaic Wall. This is an area FILLED with 1×1 bricks in every color. You will be able to create 16×16 stud mosaics on plates which will then be affixed to the wall, creating a patchwork of images for all to see.

After that, we have our two LEGO Cities which were are calling the Inspiration Stations. Brickopolis is a modern, urban landscape with a new skyscraper being erected every week! Friendship Falls is an independent, thriving destination city with its own beach and lighthouse. Come build your own additions to the city and grow the population!

Another attraction is our Brick Wall. You can come and free build on 80 feet of studded walls. Build up, build down, build straight out if that’s what you want to do. Just don’t let gravity get you down! Come show us your best SNOT techniques (Studs Not On Top).

It may have the smallest footprint, but the Gaming Arena might be the most action packed! 12 big screen TVs with 4 different LEGO video games which you can play all day. LEGO Marvel, LEGO DC, the LEGO Movie, and LEGO Star Wars the Clone Wars will be available to play for xbox 360.

Next we have our biggest new attraction, LEGO mini golf. Come putt on 9 holes coated in LEGO bricks. We guarantee it’s the first time you’ll get your ball stuck in the “brick trap.”

Towards the back of the hall, you’ll find the PennLUG display as well as the Teach Fleet display. Along with them, you’ll see the DK Book Reading Rest Stop, the Brick Fest Live Theater with trivia (hosted by myself) twice per session, and the Brick Fest Derby which needs no introduction.

Finally, you’ll get to build your own creations and purchase them too in the Build & Buy area. You get free reign of one of the largest LEGO brick selections and on your way out, you can weigh your creation and choose to purchase it so you can bring it home with you.

Don’t let this post be your final impression of Brick Fest Live in the Meadowlands. Come see it for yourself this weekend.

Chris “Clutch”